When you sit in your home, but you browse somebody’s website, you are dealing with other human minds, who offers to do business with you upon certain conditions. The mere fact that you are using the Internet, implies a tacit consent that you are accepting everything that this system implies.

To begin with, you are downloading data by a wire into your computer, a process that is not free, because it requires work. The internet provider is doing this work for you based upon certain terms you have agreed to when signing up with an ISP.

You are also interacting, via your ISP, with the publisher of the website that you are browsing. You are also interactive with his ISP, and all intermediate ISPs.

Thus the IP addresses alone identify you. That’s even true if you use VPN, because the VPN operator can identify you.

Tracking cookies is another layer of addresses, designed to deliver targeted ads more effectively. If you will ban them, direct IP addresses will be used, which would cost more, and will translate into higher service fees to end users, or lower quality software, or a much larger volume of irrelevant ads.

Before the internet, people got much more spam snail mail than they are now. And, adding red tape and regulations is going to suffocate the internet, expand the government, and increase your taxes.

Advertising is an amazing phenomenon that allows to keep things cheaper. The internet has made advertising much more efficient. I dream of a day when I will receive even more relevant ads. But thanks for existing technology I no longer see ads about tampons.

The course of history is determined by the spreading of ideas. I’m spreading the good ones.

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