The Outdoor Standing Desk

In the previous article The Tree Table Workstation I have written about how I came up with the Tree Table, and listed all the accessories that I use to make it a full workstation. In this article, I focus on the fact that it is also an alternative version of a standing desk.

In the last years, developers have seen a trend of using standing desks, so as to avoid sitting all day. Some went so far as to create a treadmill desk, on which they walk and work at the same time.

The Tree Table is a new kind of standing desk. While all other standing desk solutions have a complex mechanism to lift the table high enough, the Tree Table can be mounted to any height desired, simply by choosing a mount point high enough on a trunk of a tree.

Positioning the Tree Table for (a) working standing or (b) working sitting.

Most standing desks have a system to elevate the display, so that the keyboard is positioned lower than the screen. In the previous article I showed how I use a laptop raiser to place a keyboard under the laptop. But since I wrote that article, I’ve begun experimenting with adding a lower shelf for the keyboard and mouse to the Tree Table.

Experiment with hanging shelf off of Tree Table

The advantage of such a shelf is that you don’t have to carry with you the laptop raiser. As you see, I have used a simple wrap-around cloth (cordura) to hang the shelf off the main table.

But the experiment failed for a non-obvious reason: when I typed on the keyboard on the lower shelf, it caused significant vibration of the screen of the laptop on the upper shelf.

Another way to have a lower shelf is to replicate the table mechanism lower, so that the support brace will hold two tables.

In the mean-time, visit the Tree Table campaign on IndieGoGo.

Link to the IndieGoGo campaign:

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