Protecting Demo Websites through Gateway URLs

  • Redirects: Web server performs a 301 redirect from a randomized gateway URL to an internal page with a normal URL.
  • HTTP Referrer: Web server serves a landing page for randomized URLs, and inspects the referrer header on all loaded resources, whitelisting IP address on the first occurrence of a recognized gateway URL in the Referrer header.
  • URL query parameters: Instead of generating randomized path, serve the page on the same URL path, but put the randomization in the URL query parameter.
  • URL fragment indicator: (This is the suffix of the URL following the “#” sign.)
  • Embedded authentication token: Embed authentication token inside the body of an HTML page. When it is loaded, arrange it to send the authentication token to the server by any means, such as via a Cookie.
<meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer-when-downgrade">



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Boris Reitman

Boris Reitman


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