Privacy is a right as long as you don’t leave your private property. The moment you enter into a business relationship, you do so based on some mutually understood agreement.

Morally, it doesn’t matter if some people can’t afford paying a fee. They are free to start their own businesses, and try to make them profitable without reselling data and not charging anything. The market has showed that this is not possible.

I have no problem with company reselling my information if I get an equivalent or greater value back as a service. This is indeed true of Google services and I will gladly sign such contract explicitly. In fact, I would pay for my preferences to be sold to other clients, so that I don’t get inundated with irrelevant ads.

You may argue that explicit provisions should be added to the Terms & Conditions that outline how the data will be managed. They are probably already there, but nobody reads them.

The course of history is determined by the spreading of ideas. I’m spreading the good ones.

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