How can it be that 250,000 million per year can’t help homeless people? All you need to do is make a public shower, a facility to wash clothes, and a clothing donation bin. Have a place where companies can bring food that they catered-in but didn’t finish. This is the cost of a single house, which even in the expensive San Francisco is under 3 million. (And this is not per-year, it is a one time expense.) Spend another 100k (a full time job) per year to have that facility remain clean.

Why do I think this is sufficient? If a person looks clean and presentable, he will be able to get some kind of job. If he stinks because he hasn’t had a proper shower, and his clothes are dirty, no one will hire him.

There are already many clothing donation bins, which are functional, because people get tired of their own clothes, and are happy to get rid of them.

But don’t spend money on helping them in any other way. If a homeless man has a drug problem, he should drop it on his own. Why? Every action has a consequence. The ultimate consequences of negligence is death. My proposal of shower, washing, clothes and left-over food would allow a determined man to recover.

The course of history is determined by the spreading of ideas. I’m spreading the good ones.

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